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What We Do 


Operational Health Assessments 

Our team uses a unique assessment process to appraise the organization’s current operations functions and make expert, practical recommendations to achieve optimal operational health over a 12-24 month period. Assessments are conducted using a combination of research and review, listening sessions, interviews with internal and external stakeholders, qualitative and quantitative data collection, meetings, surveys, and questionnaires. The assessment will result in a comprehensive report that provides a  clear picture of key strengths, voids in operations procedures, and outlines the operational structures necessary to grow and/or

maintain long term success. 

Upon completion of the assessment the leadership of your organization will have valuable information that can be used to build the operational infrastructure necessary to achieve the key objectives and goals of the organization. 

Implementation Support 

Using the operational assessment as a guide we advise, support, and collaborate with clients to implement their recommendations over a period of up to 24 months. During the implementation period, our team of operations professionals will help you prioritize and execute recommendations, coach and train team members to integrate new and/or updated processes and systems, and help leaders evaluate progress and address areas of need.  The ultimate goal of the implementation phase is to equip the organization with the tools and resources to build and maintain operational infrastructure long term and build the sound foundational practices to efficiently mobilize for social change and achieve key performance goals. 

Friendly Business Team
Group therapy


Our team is available to conduct workshops and learning sessions about establishing organizational operating procedures that work. 


Unfortunately, words like operations, policies, procedures, and structure can be perceived as oppressive movement spaces. This workshop will debunk the myths around operating procedures and explain the importance of building an operational framework that is specifically curated and designed to help organizations not only survive but thrive. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how creating efficient working structures can result in a healthier organization, less team member burnout, and improved mission-alignment. 


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