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What We Do 

We support, assist, and consult with organizations that are committed to social justice work and help them build the operational infrastructure and foundational practices to efficiently mobilize for social change. Our team works behind the scenes to increase the impact of activists, organizers, and allies as they do the work on the ground. 

Operational Infrastructure 

Stakeholder Enagagement
Programming and Events 
  • Increase efficiency by establishing repeatable processes

  • Recruiting, onboarding, off-boarding, and improving the team member experience

  • Work closely with the client organization to create an operating environment that promotes ongoing improvement, efficiency,and quality execution of the mission

  • Develop and implement strong, repeatable processes related to various operational functions and troubleshoot bottlenecks, inadequate resources, and procedural gaps to create optimal efficiency

  • Work with the client organization to monitor internal practices and external environments to protect brand awareness and the reputation of the organization

  • Implementation of comprehensive systems and processes across multiple departments, including: Finance, Human Resources, Programming, Communications, and Management

  • Reduce and mitigate risk in various areas of the organization

  • Communicate with leadership to keep the internal culture aligned with the organization’s mission and vision

  • Work with the client organization to identify target audiences

  • Audit communication and engagement strategies and make recommendations that build brand/organizational awareness, better engage the current audience, and expand the reach of the organization’s message

  • Provide publication-ready deliverables designed to support the organization's digital presence

  • Make recommendations on content for internal and external communication

  • Establish and maintaining relationships/networks of key entities in the space/industry and create beneficial connections

  • Assist leadership with identifying new opportunities to increase strategic partnerships

  • Actively seek out new partnership opportunities through relationship-building and networking

  • Analyze partnerships for potential risk

  • Build and maintain relationships with current and future partners and offer helpful resources and build the foundation for mutually beneficial partnerships

  • Plan, coordinate, and execute full-cale programs and events

  • Keep programs and events aligned with the organization's mission and vision

  • Monitor program deliverables to ensure quality resources are being delivered to those who need them

  • Work with the client to design programs and events from concept to closing

  • Build and manage the day-of-event team

  • Manage event and programming budgets

  • Work directly with vendors and contractors to ensure delivery of services

  • Monitor deadlines and progress to ensure the project is running smoothly and executed efficiently

  • Work with the client organization’s internal team to coordinate registrations, enrollments, volunteers, participants, events, actions, etc that drive the program, raise awareness, and increase participation

  • Ensure that events are affirming and accessible to all participants by: Ensuring facilities are ADA compliant, Monitoring all aspects project to ensure that they are affirming to traditionally marginalized communities, Working to ensure that participants from all walks of life feel, not just included, but affirmed, Hiring, staffing, and contracting with vendors in a way that invests in historically oppressed communities, Designing events that are responsive to the needs of participants with disabilities and challenges

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